Announcing Mika Obayashi ’s exhibition “Three Mountains”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition Three Mountains by Mika Obayashi on August 22(Sat.) & 23(Sun.), as a result of hier activity during his stay at Studio Kura.

Mika Obayashi is a sculpture and installation artist from Michigan,
USA. She received her BA in Art and the History of Art from Amherst
College in 2019. Since September 2019, she has been living in Kyoto
teaching English and studying at Kyoto Seika University. She had her
first solo exhibition, As the Crow Flies, in February, 2020 at
GalleryGallery in Kyoto.

“Three Mountains” combines the mountains of places the artist has
resided in the past three years—Massachusetts, Kyoto, and
Itoshima—into an imaginary mountain range and a physical timeline of
temporary residence.

Using thread and paper, the artist describes the initial discomfort of
relocating and finding solace beside the fixed presence of natural
forms and what it means to possess and remember a landscape.

Mika Obayashi “Three Mountains”
Exhibition style: Installation and Sculpture

Date: August 22(Saturday) & 23(Sunday), 11:00 to 18:00.
Exhibition space: Studio 1
* We will hold an artist talk on 22st (Sat.), starting at 15:30.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Mika Obayashi ’s exhibition “Three Mountains”

  1. Mika Obayashi, this show looks amazing! I wish that I could come to hear your talk and walk through the space you’ve created, but sadly I’m unable to travel to Fukouka. I hope to see images of the exhibition posted, and perhaps I’ll be able to visit the Studio Kura after travel is encouraged again. I’m a painter in Sasebo, Japan now and I’ve lived/worked in Kyoto and Tokyo in the past, so I’m very interested in the seeing the ways you’ve expressed your experiences in Kyoto and Itoshima through your sculpture. Well, hope to have a chance to talk with you someday!

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