Babette Robertson



私は、These trees shall be my books in Japanというプロジェクトに取り組んでいるオーストラリアのアーティストです。私の作品は、絵画、陶芸、インストール、ロボット技術、GPS技術などを含む、現代の地球環境や政治問題に取り組んでいます。



私は最近、アーティストレジデンスでレジデントを務め、続いて福岡のStudio Kuraレジデンスに参加し、Every fallen treeという別のプロジェクトのためにスペインのAADKレジデンスでさらに調査を行う予定です。

Artist Babette Robertson has started the residency program at Studio Kura.

I am an Australian artist currently working on my project titled These trees shall be my books in Japan. My work engages with contemporary ecological and political issues affecting the land and environment and spans painting, ceramics, installation, robotics and GPS technology.

Walking is the starting point for my practice. This ritual acts as a passageway into contemplation. When walking, I observe the impacts of and interactions between human activity, for example, colonisation and urban environments and less visible yet profound elements; air, water, vegetation and geology.

I focus on particular elements found on these walks, for instance, riverbank erosion, fallen trees or Goshinboku. These elements have evolved into artworks where the materiality of the land I move across is brought together with the technology that we, as inhabitants of the Anthropocene, increasingly carry with us, such as GPS-enabled devices. I experiment with bringing together visceral ways of knowing places alongside detached, technological methods of locating, recording and archiving them.

I was recently a resident at Saruya Artist Residency in Fujiyoshida and I will attend Studio Kura residency in Fukuoka to continue my project followed by further research for another project titled Every fallen tree at AADK residency in Spain.


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