Chris rutter and Evelyn bennett



スタジオクラでの滞在中は、Travelling Collageという仮設インスタレーションに取り組みます。これは、前回の形で撮影されたイメージを使用して、異なる場所で異なる形で作成される進化する大規模なコラージュ作品です。新しいイメージは前回のイメージに重ねられ、それぞれのイテレーションでコラージュは成長します。最新版はこちら –、以前のバージョンはこちら –。これまでに5つのバージョンがあります。



Chris rutter and Evelyn bennett

‘We are 2 collaborative artists from England who have worked together for over 25 years.

We have made a variety of work from large-scale public art, collage, installations, sculptural performance pieces & soundscapes, poetry and artists books.

During our stay at Studio Kura we will be working on our Travelling Collage temporary installation. This is an evolving, large scale collage that is created in a different form in different locations using imagery taken from its last incarnation. The new imagery overlays the last imagery and the collage grows with each iteration. The latest version is here – and a previous version is here – . There have been 5 versions so far.

We will also be working on another book of illustrated poems.

Our website is at’

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