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彼女のStudio Kuraでの滞在中、ノミは地元の食文化と土着建築におけるわびさびを探求するビジュアルジャーナルを作成することを目指しています。

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Nomi Abeliovich is a multi-disciplinary artist, architect, and gastronome based in Tel Aviv.
She utilizes her past experiences and skills, both as an architect and a gastronome, to blur the lines between archetype and replica, food and architecture, reality and perception.
She has a long-standing fascination with cake as an idea, a foodstuff, a format, a medium, as an object of desire, and as an architectural system. Her cakes act as self-portraits, repeatedly constructed, deconstructed, manipulated, dissected and reassembled.

During her residency at Studio Kura Nomi aims to create a visual journal exploring Wabi-sabi in the local food culture and vernacular architecture.

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