Pascale Jean





Pascale Jean is a multidisciplinary artist who now lives and works in Montreal. Trained in photography and painting in Paris and Vancouver, she has devoted herself almost exclusively to oil painting since 2021.

Her approach is marked by a deep sensitivity to the human condition and nature, studied through subjects that question social and economic norms, binaries, and values. Jean addresses the themes of social class, culture, and identity, pushing forward their controversial nature through her collage-y, layered works. The detailed study of these themes is carried out through various series presenting variations in atmosphere and composition, ranging from the parodic to the gentle, but always depicting strong colours and distinguishable human features and iconography.

Jean celebrates human nature by highlighting its explosive, vibrant beauty and its colliding with the cold, cyber world. On another canvas, she explores the vices and downfall of the western society, addressing displacement, cultural identity, and self-derision. Pascale’s works are nourished by her own psychological and philosophical questions, as well as by the themes that personally move her, allowing scenes to take shape that her peers can relate to. The marked presence of sexuality reinforces a representation of the taboo, the shun upon and vulnerability, without ever using the body itself as a tool for judgements or derision.

Her art is not purely cynical, it is playful and caring, looking to highlight the paradoxical beauty of human nature.

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