Angelina Wanczarskyj

Angelina Wanczarskyjは、イギリス在住で活動するアーティストで、イラストレーションと陶芸の両方に特化しています。




Angelina Wanczarskyj is an artist living and working in England, specialising in both illustration and ceramics.

Through her illustrations, Angelina strives to captivate viewers with vibrant colors and imaginative narratives. Drawing inspiration from nature, flora and fauna, childhood innocence and fun, Angelina creates whimsical worlds that invite the audience to embark on a visual journey. Whether it’s through vibrant gouache paintings or delicate sketch work, Angelina’s aim is to evoke emotions of joy and spark the viewers’ imagination.

In her ceramic practice, Angelina uses clay to bring her illustrations to life in a three-dimensional realm. Exploring the boundaries between functionality and aesthetics, she crafts vessels, ceramic bells, and decorative sculptures that are reflective of her illustrative story and style.

Overall with Angelina’s passion for storytelling within her work, her aim is to leave an impression of

warmth, happiness and joy.

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