Report: Studio Kura Children Art Exhibition, Vol. 3

Hi! This is Hiro.
The third Studio Kura Children Art Exhibition ended last week at Ito Kyodo Museum. We really appreciate many people’s coming to see the kids’ work! It was impressive to see all the different works the children have made in a single exhibition. We hope this year they keep on spending creative time with their teachers, and making great art!

2013-06-23 16.29.27
The 100 floor house the kids teamed up to make looked awesome!

We also showed video works.

2013-06-23 16.28.00
There was a lot of variety: making musical instruments, dying in the colors of the woods, tingling embroidery…

2013-06-19 09.59.20
There were some people who read all the storybooks the children made!
Also, I noticed we don’t have any pictures of the innermost room. If you have any photos of it, I would be very happy if you shared them with us.

2013-06-23 16.27.44
The pictures drawn on the transparent sheet looked super fresh!

My daughter Noi was surprised too!

I’m looking forward to the works we will get to show next year!

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