Local Businesses Support Residence Artists: Introducing the Kurapass

Hi! This is Ale reporting some good news.

Hiro has been talking to people for months about something we like to call the Kurapass. We were looking for new ways to connect the artists with the local community, and also new ways to help the artists in their everyday life in Itoshima. We were lucky enough to find something that is an advance at both tracks.

Our aim with Kurapass is to get many local businesses to offer coupons and discounts to residence artists, and we still have a lot of work to do but we didn’t want to wait before introducing our project and the first deal so here it is.

Taken from Hyakusyoya’s owner’s blog

Hyakusyoya is a rice and natto producer really near Studio Kura (a two-minute walk from the residence house!) who cares a lot about using the least chemicals possible. Hyakusyoya’s ethimology means “the house of the hundred smiles” and all they want is to sell you the product they want to feed their children. They ship nationwide from their website and will be happy to sell rice cheaper to you when you drop by during your stay at Studio Kura. As you may already know, rice is very important when cooking for yourself in Japan!

Stay tuned for more deals, and look forward to know about other interesting local businesses. Kurapass is on!

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