Urgent! Talk About Armenian AiR Scheduled for Friday

This is a translation of Hiro’s blog
Mkrtich Tonoyan, an Armenian artist, will be staying with us for some days to learn about a number of artist in residence programs in our island Kyushu. Mkrtich was invited to Japan by Youkobo Art Space.

Above you can see Mkrtich listening to an explanation of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum’s own residence program. I want to thank Masae Kamachi and Mr. Ono for their time!

He runs an artist in residence program in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. He showed me some information about the place, and it look so interesting that we arranged everything so that he can give a talk this Friday at Studio Kura, starting at 20:00.
Here is some information about his ACOSS artist in residence program

I chose such a late time for the talk so that Kenji Makizono, the hope of Itoshima’s art scene, can attend after work. But anybody interested will be welcome too. You never know when you will get a new chance to learn about Armenian art, or how a residence program works there. And I think we will talk about other interesting things, too!
Armenian wine will be waiting for you all.

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