Looking in at Kristine’s days life in Itoshima.

It has been almost 10days since she arrived in ITOSHIMA.
We would like to introduce how she spends the time here!

2014-02-16 09.46.07
This is her work space(Residence house.). There are many interesting art pieces of paintings & drawings on the floor!

2014-02-07 21.07.08
She attended the talk event done by Mkrtich Tonoyan about Armenia art program.

2014-02-14 17.36.52
She visited local farm family and was given KIMONO for a gift.
Wow, it looks so good on her!

2014-02-11 18.26.16
The other night, Kura staff and She went to see the performance(dance) event 「NORA」at REIZENSOU where is a renovation museum.

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