Our Residence Visualization Project is Now Open Source

Hi! This is Alejandro.

Today we want to show you this data visualization software we made to show our Artist in Residence program’s movement at Kunisaki Art Festival. It’s an open source project now, and it’s relatively easy to input your own program’s data on a spreadsheet on Google Drive. We’re hoping to see it used at many residence programs around the world!

The steps are explained in a more walkthrough way on the readme file over at GitHub, but let me explain them briefly here:

  • First download and install Processing. You will need to add the Unfolding Maps library to it too.
  • Download Residence Visualization from GitHub.
  • Make your own copy of this spreadsheet at Google Drive, and input your own data.
  • Download the data you just input on Google Drive in CSV format, and add it to your Processing project.

Hirofumi Matsuaki is in charge of the design and graphic programming, and Alejandro Cremades is in charge of the data layer. When we think that we might even get help by making the project public, it brings a smile to our faces. We are waiting for your pull requests!

We know it’s not easy enough to use, but we felt like opening u the project would help us to make it better fast. Anyway, if you are trying to use we’d love to hear from you. We might be able to help you, and we’d love to hear about ways it can be better. Please contact us if you use it!

PS: Excuse my English.

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