Announcing Leanne Dunic and Cheong Hoi I’s Exhibitions

We are happy to announce artists in residence Leanne Dunic and Cheong Hoi I‘s exhibitions, where they will show the results of the projects they have been working on during their stay.


Mel Cheong started as a designer and then shifted to develop herself in art. She won the Artist in Residence Award in the “6th Evora International Printmaking Competition” in 2009 and also held her first solo exhibition “Last Portrait” in the same year.

Mel uses a journalistic view to observe the ever-changing world and compares her surroundings to judge and understand herself. These observations and ideas are expressed in her art. Mel graduated from the University of Macau, majoring in Communications.

The 6th Itou Bunkichi (伊藤文吉) designed a trianglar teahouse in 1890. He wished to stay in an imbalance area in contrast with the perfect balance Japanese-Style garden outside. In this sense, he thought of exposing himself to this feeling which will allow him rise his own existence.

This is also the reason why I would like to go for an Artist in Residency: to give myself a new cultural environment impact, which allows you to explore with new visions under the new restrictions. Ultimately, you find your true self while breaking through the cultural difference. Faced with difference culture and habits, cultural shocks happened almost everyday, and under these struggles, you have to make a choice. It’s also the way of life, whether to stick on your own “root” or give up your own “pride”. As this is my third AIR program, I am presenting you, my true self.

IMG_7508 - Version 3

Leanne Dunic is a multi-disciplinary artist from Vancouver, Canada. She is rich in dreams and experiences, which she enjoys documenting through images, music, and words. Her style is simplistic and organic and explores the dichotomies of tradition/modernity, nature/technology, masculine/feminine, and east/west.

‘Nature’s Way’ is inspired by Dunic’s ocean-centric explorations of the Ryukyu Islands and Kyushu.

The exhibit examines our ecological position in a way that is bittersweet and, at times, comical. As the work represents situations that are not a result of natural behaviour, the title is sardonic.

Animals are used exclusively as characters in the works to comment on the ranking of our position in the ecological system.

Small scale displays of large scale issues force the viewer to physically take a closer look at the art, as well as the perilous state of our oceans.

Dunic is interested in the consequences of food production/consumption and the affects of overfishing.

The pieces reflect both land and sea to reveal the impact of human existence on the environment, and the complications that arise from our current standard of living.

While in Japan, Dunic witnessed a variety of collective beachings: of tiny, iridescent fish, of starfish, of young puffer fish. The cause(s) remain a mystery.

We would be very happy to meet you at the opening party! Please see the details below.

Cheong Hoi I The Presence in Mind
Leanne Dunic Nature’s Way
Date: November 22 to 23 (11:00 to 19:00) Free entrance
The opening party will be on November 22 (Saturday) from 17:00.

Place: Studio Kura

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