Announcing Kacie Lees’s exhibition “Chromatic Aberrations”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition “Chromatic Aberrations” by Kacie Lees on March 21(Sat.) & 22(Sun.), as a result of her activity during her stay at Studio Kura.

Kacie Lees is an interdisciplinary artist based out of New York. Lees’ vivid works underscore time and examine transitional spaces by synthesizing performance, sonics, color therapy, & video.

The exhibition at Studio Kura, ‘Chromatic Aberrations’ features a collection of stills selected from Hi8 videos Lees recorded from 2016-2019. A reference to the eraser-head magnetic tape “malfunction” which stamps a rainbow glitch on the tape each time the video is edited in-camera and recorded over, these stills reveal hybrid spaces somewhere between record and reality.

Kacie Lees “Chromatic Aberrations”
Exhibition style: Hi8 video & photographic prints.

Date: March 21(Saturday) & 22(Sunday), 11:00 to 18:00.
Exhibition space: Studio 1
* We will hold an artist talk on 21st (Sat.), starting at 15:00.
* The exhibitions by other current residence artists will be held at the same periods.

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