David Phillipsによる滞在制作発表「Making mountains」を開催いたします。

Studio Kuraでは、イギリス出身のアーティストDavid Phillipsによる滞在制作発表「Making mountains」を開催いたします。

この展覧会では、David Phillipsが滞在期間中に制作した絵画作品を展示いたします。


David Phillips

Making mountains

During my four weeks in Itoshima I have become very interested in the two conditions of the land. The flat land and the mountains. The first is the place of activity and production and the other is a place of calm and inaccessibility.
In addition to the paintings that I have made to examine the tension between these two places, I have developed some sculptural works that seek to communicate between them. These prototypes might become giant pieces in the landscape. Graphic representations of the mountains within the mountains.

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