“Noon Edelweiss” by Jae Youl Jeoung

Studio Kuraでは、韓国出身のアーティストJae Youl Jeoungによる滞在制作発表「Noon Edelweiss」展を開催します!
Jae Youl Jeoungが1ヶ月の滞在期間中に制作した作品を展示します。




Studio Kura is hosting the “Noon Edelweiss” exhibition by Korean artist Jae Youl Jeoung, a showcase of his residency work!
The exhibition will feature works created by Jae Youl Jeoung during his one-month stay.
Admission is free.
Dates and times: March 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun) from 11:00 to 17:00 (Artist talk will be held at 14:30 on Saturday, March 25th)
Please come and join us on this occasion!

A series of works ‘Noon Edelweiss’ portray the fragment of personal memories and
stories in the past are recollected in the present. And it projected into my life in
Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka, Japan.
Other than the forgotten or lost memories, the one that cannot be separated from the
body and mind, still remembering are formed into other images. These are still live
without distinction between the past and present.
Every noon in this town, it is the moment for all the wonders immerse in reminiscence.
My memories shape in numerous expressions. They are reflected in various forms
and appearances, and reveal their true intentions that cannot be hidden. As flowers
are and their scents.
Edelweiss is playing at noon again.

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