”Light Traces” by Anna Révész

Anna Révészの作品展示
アデレードを拠点とする新進気鋭のアーティスト、Anna Révészが写真とミクストメディアによる作品を展示します。彼女は時間や空間の不確定性を探求し、過去と現在の瞬間の相互関係をテーマに制作活動を行っています。今回の展示では、個人的・集団的な記憶の存在や、出会った場所や人々の層を分解・再構築することに注目しています。光が作り出す軌跡を通して、彼女の作品に触れてみませんか。


会場はStudio Kura(福岡県糸島市二丈松末586)。入場は無料です。

”Light Traces”
Anna Révész is an emerging, Adelaide-based artist working across several mediums, with a particular interest in photography and the opportunities it presents to capture, relive or totally reinvent moments in time. Révész explores the interchange between past and present moments and attempts to navigate spaces of instability and uncertainty.
During her time at Studio Kura, Révész has explored the presence of personal and collective memory in both built and natural environments. She has used photography and mixed media to investigate the transient nature of memory, and to deconstruct and reconstruct the layers that form part of the places and people she has encountered…
I felt this memory
As I drifted through these spaces –
light passing through,
lightly passing through.
Leave nothing except traces of time and feeling.
Take nothing except traces of time and feeling.
Light passing through my memories to yours,
(Drifting in and out of being)
shining through the fragments we built and joined.

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