「I Tracing the wind with my finger」by Angelica Yudasto

Studio Kuraでは、インドネシアとペルーのルーツを持つアーティストAngelica Yudasto
(@ayudasto)による滞在制作発表「I Tracing the wind with my finger」展を開催します!
Angelica Yudastoが1ヶ月の滞在期間中に制作した作品を展示します。







Angelica Yudasto
Title: Tracing the wind with my finger

Media: drawing on frosted mylar, digital collage, plexi glass

Angelica Yudasto is an Indonesian-Peruvian artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Collected photographs and forms float on the near-transparent surface of her digitally-printed silk works like a fading recollection of a bygone moment. Yudasto’s pieces are momentary and transient, responding to the vulnerability of the body and the fragility of memory, while collapsing the dimensionality of the spaces they inhabit.

Yudasto’s exhibition, ‘Tracing the wind with my finger’ is an exploration of how spaces shift and move as we
experience them in real time. Her drawings are lyrical dances that respond to the unique landscape of Itoshima.
Yudasto’s practice is grounded in the act of drawing, which she uses as a means of observing and engaging with her surroundings. She has spent time exploring the subtle impressions of the land and invites the viewer to engage with the movement of the wind and the shifting patterns of light as she arranges her linework with found objects.
"Tracing the Wind with My Finger" offers a unique perspective on the beauty of Itoshima and the
power of drawing as a tool for engaging with the natural world.

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