Andrew Pochan


とにかく、才能あるインスピレーション豊かな妻、ナディア・ポチャンと一緒にStudio Kuraにいることをとても嬉しく思っています。日本を体験し、私たちが人間およびアーティストとしてどのように成長するかを広げるためです。

‘…A good student, but he talks and draws too much in class.’ this was an actual critique from my 6th grade teacher. It’s stuck with me just as much as me talking and drawing my way through my art career. With a little bit of salt and a lot of bit of humor, I’m proud to be where I am in my life as a husband and artist. Not being able to sit still (or keep quiet) has gotten me many public murals, filmmaking opportunities, commissions and now artist residencies. So someone was wrong…
Anyway, I’m thrilled to be at Studio Kura with my talented and inspirational wife, Nadia Pochan, to experience Japan and expand who we are as people and artists.


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