「Ichigo Ichie」by Nomi Abeliovich

Studio Kuraでは、イスラエル出身のアーティストNomi Abeliovich
による滞在制作発表「Ichigo Ichie」展を開催します!
Nomi Abeliovichが1ヶ月の滞在期間中に制作した作品を展示します。

ノミ アベリオビッチ


ノミ アベリオビッチは、テルアビブを拠点に活動する多分野にわたるアーティスト、建築家、ガストロノミストです。


Nomi Abeliovich
Ichigo Ichie

Nomi Abeliovich is a multi-disciplinary artist, architect, and gastronome based in Tel Aviv.

Ichigo Ichie is a Japanese phrase that translates to “one time, one meeting.” It is a reminder that each moment in life is unique and unrepeatable, and as such, they should be cherished as they come. “Ichigo” is also the Japanese word for strawberries, which are currently at the peak of their season in Itoshima.
This series of paintings is a visual diary of my stay in Itoshima, a collection of vignettes that aim to capture fleeting, imperfect moments of the everyday. The essence of the local terroir is captured through the unique vernacular architecture, seasonal wagashi, rural landscape, and everyday life. When juxtaposed together, they create a larger narrative reflecting the beauty and ephemeral nature of the present moment.

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