「You’ve Got Mail from Itoshima」by HsiaoYu

Studio Kuraでは、台湾出身のアーティストHsiaoYu
による滞在制作発表「You’ve Got Mail from Itoshima」展を開催します!






Studio Kura is hosting a residency exhibition titled “You’ve Got Mail from Itoshima” by Taiwanese artist HsiaoYu (Hsiaoyu])! HsiaoYu’s artworks created during her one-month stay will be on display. Admission is free. The exhibition will be held on April 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun) from 11:00 to 17:00 (with an artist talk on Saturday, April 22nd at 14:30). Please come and join us!

Introducing the artist for April’s residency program:
HsiaoYu is a Taiwanese illustrator who obtained her master’s degree in Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts in London. Her works focus on urban sketches and everyday objects.

Here is a message from the artist:

Since 2014, while studying and traveling in Europe, I began creating hand-drawn postcards and sending them to my friends as souvenirs. Each postcard I sent is one of a kind.

I noticed that people were happier than I expected when they received the postcards, and it brought me joy as well. This has become one of the motivations for me to continue this postcard project.

This month, I will share my daily life in Itoshima with my friends. I will introduce the mountains, sea, architecture, and crops that I have seen in April. By drawing these scenes on hand-drawn postcards and continuing to send them to my friends, I can feel the joy of sharing, even though we are far apart. I also hope that by receiving my experiences and emotions, our bonds will deepen even further.

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