Barbora Žižková

Barbora Žižkováはプラハ、チェコ共和国出身のイラストレーターです。プラハでインタラクティブデザインを学びましたが、主に旅行ガイドや本のイラストを描いています。これまでにメキシコ、日本、アメリカ、アフリカなどの国を取り上げています。趣味は文化人類学で、それがきっかけで、チェコ文化に触発された日本文化に焦点を当てた独自の旅行アトラスを作成し始めました。



Barbora Žižková is an illustrator from Prague, Czech Republic. She studied interactive design in Prague, but she specializes mostly in illustrating travel guides and books. So far, her work includes countries like Mexico, Japan, USA, and Africa. Her hobby is cultural anthropology, which is why she started preparing her own travel atlas focused on Japanese culture drawing from her own inspiration in Czech culture.

She works with digital media and analog photos.

Her biggest inspiration is the different depiction of folk and traditional culture and its meaning. She likes to research how they make people feel.

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