Otis Burian Hodge


2017年から彼は、非営利のギャラリースペース、TCS_Windows(The CornerShop Windows)のプログラム制作を手掛けてきました。このギャラリースペースは、24時間いつでも視覚的に体験できるストリートに面した3つの窓から成り立っており、毎月、写真家の個展に焦点を当てた展覧会を開催しています。

Otis Burian Hodge is a photographer and gallery curator operating out of Gadigal land (Sydney), Australia. His interests lie in constructing comprehensive bodies of work that thoroughly examine his surroundings. With a straightforward documentation approach, he captures the essence of the places and people that surround him. His ambition is to communicate certain feelings, memories, spaces, and localities, translating them for a wider audience – thus, sharing a unique moment with those not originally a part of it.

Since 2017, he has been programming and producing a non-commercial gallery space known as TCS_Windows (The CornerShop Windows). This unique setup comprises three windows facing the street, where the artwork is on display 24/7. The space regularly hosts monthly solo exhibitions with a strong emphasis on showcasing photographic artists.

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