Xinran LI

Xinran LI は1996年に北京で生まれ、現在はパリで生活し仕事をしています。




Born in Beijing, 1996, currently live and work in Paris. Xinran LI is now a MFA student in National School of Arts of Bourges in France. She has previously completed a master in the program “French literature, philosophie of art and contemporary thinkings” in Université Paris-Diderot.

Her works combine her passion in literature with visual medias such as painting, photography and videos. Xinran’s works are mainly inspired by her reading and thinkings into philosophie and poetry. She sees herself as only a poet writing with words, colors and movements.

In her work, she is dedicated to explore the status of emptiness, the direct confrontation with Universe, life and death, in the most delicate yet eternal instants of everyday life —— through which the world slowly opens itself in the eyes of her heart.

In her paintings, she always starts with a color palette inspired by the environment that she is living in, and then capture the moments where the things she has seen stirred a strong emotion in her heart, as if the Universe could only exists in those precise seconds.

That is also the reason why she always consider her paintings still alive and moving, even after the brush has left the canvas. Her vision of art is mainly inspired by Yukio Mishima, Paul Celan and Alejandra Pizarnik, poets like her whose natures are to « fly yet never arrive

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