Ayelen Mohaded


彼女がStudio Kuraでの滞在中には、油の密度と重さを、壊れやすく、蒸発しやすい、半透明の外見のサポートで作業するプロジェクトを続ける予定です。そのため、彼女はさまざまな種類の和紙(天然の日本の紙)で調査し、絵を描く予定です。


Ayelen Mohaded is a visual artist from Cordoba, Argentina. Her work embodies the potencial of the fragile. She looks for the tensions between ephemeral and persistent, incisive and subtle, melancholy and euphoria. She works with different techniques including jewelry, oil painting and performance.

During her residency at Studio Kura she plans to continue her project that focus on working with the density and weight of oil on supports with a fragile, vaporous and translucent appearance. In order to do so, she will investigate and paint on different types of washi (natural Japanese paper).

As a side project, she is going to glean materials from the residency area and then press them on her body, so that the surroundings remain on her skin, like evanescent tattoos.

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