Nawoon Shin

Nawoon Shinは、韓国出身の彫刻家およびインスタレーション作家です。


彼女はStudio Kuraに滞在中、糸島で感じ取ったアイディアを基に、小さくて軽く、柔軟な作品を制作する予定です。

Nawoon Shin is an artist from South Korean artist who does sculpture and installation.

She gets many ideas from observing the nature around her and creates three-dimensional works using non-traditional materials.

Currently she is making art out of everyday objects, brown napkins. As she explores the formativeness of materials, she works to twist their properties and original meanings. In other words, as the napkins are stacked one by one, they grow into a large, solid organism. At the same time, napkins, the cheapest and most common industrial product, gain scarcity and permanence as they become works of art.

While staying at the Studio Kura, she plans to create small but light and flexible artworks based on ideas she felt and experienced in Itoshima.

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