Marina Solé




マリナのStudio Kuraでの目的は、カリフォルニア州ソノマ郡のロシアンリバー産地に位置するワイナリーとの共同クリエイティブプロジェクトのための一連のキャンバス上の絵画を作成することです。並行して、マリナはStudio Kuraを取り囲む環境を探索、吸収、研究し、没頭した体験に触発された流れるようなミクストメディアの作品を作成する予定です。

Marina Solé is a Catalan surrealist oil painter & mixed media artist based in San Francisco.

With shy nostalgia, her oil paintings turn ordinary narratives, faces, and phrases, into the extraordinary. Her world is constructed with a whimsical Mediterranean sensibility, using a mastery of bold colors and refined technique. Her obsession with antique papers, old books from all around the world, and scraps of gazettes helps her maintain an active dialog between her collages and oil paintings.

“I create slow scenarios to evoke mystery, other times vague, shaped in intuitive forms with a buoyant kick representing ambiguity”

Marina’s purpose in Studio Kura is to create a series of paintings on canvas for a collaborative creative project with a Winery located in the Russian River appellation of Sonoma County, California. In parallel Marina will explore, absorb, and research the environment that surrounds Studio Kura, in order to create flowy mixed media artworks inspired by the immersive experience.

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