Caroline Rose Dunning

カロライン・ローズ・ダニング(生まれ 1991年 イギリス)は、ロンドンを拠点に活動する多分野にわたるアーティストです。





Caroline Rose Dunning B. 1991 UK, is a multi-disaplinary artist who lives and works in London.

She has a fascination with dreams, juxtapositions, and the irrational which profoundly influences her work. She strives to create thought-provoking and visually captivating scenes, where reality merges with the absurd. Her work often features unexpected combinations of objects, colour and dreamlike landscapes, inviting viewers to venture into a world where logic takes a backseat to intuition and emotion.

This month at Studio Kura, Caroline is hoping to expand on her toolset by experiementing with 3D printing.

Caroline works in a wide range of mediums including drawing, video and 3D works.

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