Jennie Dahlén



現在、私が滞在しているアーティストレジデンスでのプロジェクトでは、「静けさ」を絵の中に取り入れることを試みています。プロジェクトの一環として、Studio Kuraに来る前に14日間、京都で書道のコースを受講しました。書道実践から得られた手法、アイディア、素材を使用して、平和で穏やかで安らぎのある心の存在を表現する絵を創り出せるかどうかを探っていく予定です。

Jennie Dahlén (Sweden)


I work in many different techniques, like painting, photo, printmaking, video, performance and charcoal drawing, and I like to combine them to explore how the different combinations effects the expression. The theme of my artmaking is often movement, and how to take the movement into the picture. I have done that for example by combining dance (in cooperation with a dance artist) with charcoal drawing, and combining karate with painting.

My project during my stay at this artist residence is to try to take the stillness into the picture. As a part of the project, I took a calligraphy course in Kyoto for 14 days before coming to Studio Kura. I will explore if I can use the procedures, ideas and material from the calligraphy practice, to create pictures that express a peaceful, calm and restful presence of mind.

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