Rebecka Wolfe

“私はイギリスのアーティストで、現在イギリス南西部に住んでいます。2023年に写真学の修士号とRHS L2の園芸資格を取得しました。民俗文化、地質学、植物地理学が私の主な関心事です。


“I’m a British artist currently living in the South West of the UK. In 2023, I completed a Master’s degree in Photography and an RHS L2 Horticulture qualification. Folk culture, geology and phytogeography make up my main areas of interest.

I’ve previously lived in Japan (Osaka, followed by Kyoto) for five years, but haven’t been back since leaving in 2019. I’m glad to have the chance to make work in rural Fukuoka for the first time. During my residency, I’m reading through Natsume Soseki’s ‘Kusamakura’ [grass pillow] to direct and inform my time here, where I hope to find new ways for photography and local ecologies to intersect.”

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