Sean Carroll




ショーンは、Studio Kuraでのレジデンシー期間中に、自身の制作を進化させることを目指しています。彼の目標は、「非自然」な素材から立体作品を制作し、「自然」を商品化することで、その魅力を高めることです。

Sean Carroll (EAAO) is an artist, curator, and art director from Melbourne, Australia.

Sean’s practice centres around photographing reflections on water to create abstract compositions, shooting during moments when the sky’s reflection imparts cold chromes, neons, or vivid gradients.

His work invites the viewer to question what “natural” is, suggesting that what we find to be contemporary or man-made is still created within the bounds of nature and its palette.

Sean aims to evolve his practice during his residency at Studio Kura, with the intention to create three-dimensional works from “un-natural” materials, aiming to fetishise “the natural” through commodification.

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