Chun-Chieh Chang



Chun-Chieh Chang is an artist who lives and works in Taiwan.

Chun-Chieh, a painting artist, looked around his studio to see what materials other than traditional paint interested him. At this point, he realized brokenness and semi-finished objects were most attractive to me. Materials commonly used in concrete buildings included brick, glass, steel, rough-hewn stone, and gabions. What he loved about architecture was the use of cement. He realized he could use the same cement mix or concrete material in his future paintings.

In his previous art residency in New York City, He often saw graffiti on the walls and the trace marks of fashion advertisements, and he liked the tattered look that attracted him. So, he wanted to explore more of this atmosphere during residency. When he was in Japan before, he often saw some anime-style(animanga) posters on the streets that had been peeling off over time, inspiring him. He wanted to explore this element.

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