Anna Rocke

アンナ・ロッケAnna Rocke(1997年生まれ)はイギリスの画家です。彼女は一次および二次の経験からの画像を凝縮し、これらの現実または幻想が歪んだ、断片化され、移り変わりやすい形で存在できる中間的な空間を提供します。彼女の最近の作品はテクスチャーを使って遊び、絵の具が彫刻のように積み重なり、画像が三次元の空間で機能するように押し出されます。彼女は鮮やかな色の濃い絵の具を使い、親密な空間を描き出し、わずかにずれた親しみやすさを帯びたサレアルな夢想風景を作り出しています。


Anna Rocke (b.1997) is a painter from the UK. She condenses images from first and second-hand experiences, providing a liminal space, in which these realities or fantasies can exist in their distorted, fragmented and transitory forms. Her more recent work plays with texture, paint builds up almost like a sculpture, pushing the image to work in a three-dimensional space. Using thick brightly coloured paint, she depicts intimate spaces, creating a surreal dreamscape tinged with a slightly off-kilter familiarity.

Recent exhibitions include The door that creaks, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh (2023); Hawthorn and the Feast of Julian, Arusha Gallery, New York (2023); The Bed in the Corner, Arusha Gallery, Bruton (2023).

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