Exhibition Talk Tour views in Oct 2015: Brandon Joel Fernandes, Monique Lütolf, Shellaine Godbold, Julia Peintner and Stina Lavenius

We review the exhibitions by the 5 artists who were participated our Artist in Residency program in October 2015.
On the opening day, we had a Talk Tour as exhibition spaces located in several places; the gallery, a studio and residence houses.

The talk tour started from Brandon Joel Fernandes who showed the exhibition “I SAW SOMETHING STRANGE: 奇妙なものを見ました” at our main gallery.
He presented works of “something strange” made by digital illustration combined with the peaceful landscapes around Studio Kura.
Brandon Joel Fernandes “I SAW SOMETHING STRANGE: 奇妙なものを見ました” announcement
Brandon Joel Fernandes profile



After his talk, visitors and artists moved to next exhibition space all together.

Monique Lütolf gave her talk about her show “COLLECTION: しゅうしゅう” at a studio space where she used. She creates works using variety of materials including found objects and specific techniques such as colleague and frottage, presenting large and small pieces all over the tatami-look wooden boards on the floor.
Monique Lütolf “COLLECTION: しゅうしゅう” announcement
Monique Lütolf profile



Next to Monique’s studio, there was the exhibition “In sea-salt tears” presented by Shellaine Godbold. Using the Japanese veranda of this residency house, she exhibited installation works inspired from Japanese aesthetic and the landscapes and things she found through her residency period.
Shellaine Godbold “In sea-salt tears” announcement
Shellaine Godbold profile




After 5 mins walking on the lovely local road, we went to the 2nd residency house/ studio. Julia Peintner was showing the exhibition “A room in Japan” consisting of painting works depicted the space form of a traditional Japanese house and figures in/out of the house.
Julia Peintner “A room in Japan” announcement
Julia Peintner profile

At the living room in the 2nd residency house, Stina Lavenius had an exhibition “Studies of a body”. In the space, there were 3 different works on the theme of “gender”, the works were combined her paintings with daily stuffs like a mattress and a laundry drying tool.
Stina Lavenius “Studies of a body” announcement
Stina Lavenius profile



We had really great weather on the opening day. The tour talk was great opportunity to feel the atmosphere of this localness, in Nijomasue. We thank all visitors!

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