Benjamin Andrae


彼はスタジオクラ滞在中の2ヶ月間で、恐らく”Nothing Lasts, but Nothing Ever Ends”(「何も永遠に続かないが、何も終わることはない」)というタイトルの過去の存在についての書籍の原稿を完成させる予定です。

Benjamin Andrae is a philosopher from Munich. He holds a PhD in philosophy from the Munich School of Philosophy and a Diploma in physics from the Ludwig Maximilian University, and has written a (very academical) book about the connection between the mind and the world and a (very readable) book about the purposes of life (in German, but there is an English summary in the form of a research article). His philosophical interest lies in a kind of clear and rational analysis that at the same time respects our existential feelings as very relevant data; in the hope that this method might allow us to make some progress on issues that purely technical philosophy seems a bit stuck on.

During his two months at Studio Kura he plans to finish the manuscript of a book about the continued existence of the past, probably titled “Nothing Lasts, but Nothing Ever Ends”.…/10.1515/9783110787153-002/html

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