Jesse Siegel



Jesse Siegel (born and raised in Cancun, Mexico) lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jesse is a multidisciplinary artist who works with video, installation, and 3D rendering. His practice is concerned with the spread of a “global default” across built environments and mirrored in social constructs. Exploring how identities are constructed not from uniqueness, but sameness. Jesse uses the corporate visual language of prefabrication and design, employing stock footage, 3D software, and narrative storytelling to tease out the opaque middle ground and overlaps, where newness and nostalgia coexist.

1) Portrait by Wouter Le Duc

2) View of Spartina x Townsendii (2023) Photo by Pieter Huybrechts at CASSTL, Antwerp

3) BARROTES (2023) Site-specific installation using adhesive vinyl – at Art au Centre, Liege

4) BARROTES (2023), detail, Site-specific installation using adhesive vinyl – at Art au Centre, Liege

5) INFONAVIT 0001 (2017) 3D print of INFONAVIT worker’s home

6) LA CASA EN CALLE 54 (2021) Digital print on Ilford B/W paper, Dibond backing, matte acrylic glass

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