Sébastien Clermont

Sébastien Clermontは、カナダのモントリオール出身のビジュアルアーティストです。彼の作品は主に絵画やドローイングで構成され、心理的および霊的なテーマを扱っています。世界の神話や植物の薬によって誘発される幻視体験、そしてユング心理学のアーキタイプの象徴などからインスピレーションを受けています。スタジオクラでの滞在中、彼は自身のタロットカードのデッキを作成する作業に取り組んでいます。



Sébastien is a visual artist from Montréal, Canada. His work consists primarily of paintings and drawings that deal with psychological and spiritual themes. He draws inspiration from world mythologies and visionary experiences induced by plant medicines; as well as archetypal symbols such as those of Jungian psychoanalysis. During his stay at Studio Kura he is working on creating his own deck of Tarot cards.

Through his art Sébastien aims to express the deep underlying connection between humans and their environment, and how myths and symbols can map this link. His process playing with these ideas leads to the entwining of ancient archetypes, dreamlike images and psychedelic visions. By asking these visual questions he seeks to come closer to an understanding of the root system that connects all human psyches and nature as a whole.

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