Announcing Chris Jones’s Workshop: Drawing Big Time

Hi! This is Ale.
We all love drawing, but have you ever wanted to go beyond the paper? Wouldn’t you like to draw on a large, three dimensional space?

I’m happy to announce this workshop by Chris Jones, a lecturer at Newscastle University’s School of Arts & Cultures. Chris’s workshop will result in a collaborative drawing that will change the space. We will use a variety of tapes to form lines through the space, making large 3D drawings.

Chris Jones's Workshop (placeholder)

Workshop: “Drawing Big Time”
Teacher: Chris Jones (Profile)
Place: Studio Kura
Target: From kids to adults
Date and time: July 20th, 2013 10:00~12:00
Fee: 1,500 yen
You should take with you: Nothing (We will provide the materials)

Christopher Jones’s residency at Studio Kura is endorsed by Newcastle University.

Chris’s exhibition will open on the same day at 17:00, and you may also want to attend Meri Nikula’s workshop at 14:00. It looks like a great day to spend at Studio Kura! We will be waiting for you.

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